The Brotherhood

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The Domaine des Terres Cathares Club, a true brotherhood

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The Confrérie du Domaine des Terres Cathares was founded in 2011 in the spirit of bringing together lovers of wine, good food and the Cathar land with a concept of co-ownership.Its members can follow each step of the creation of our wines, participate in the harvest, the pruning of the vines, their vinification, follow their evolution over the years and share with all the other members moments of pleasure during our tastings and themed events.

Become a co-owner

The concept of the Domaine des Terres Cathares is above all a concept of SHARING: 

Sharing the same values.

Sharing the symbols of the Cathar spirit.

Sharing the spirit of our Cathar Brotherhood of the almost perfect.

To share the pleasure of meeting and exchanging around wine.To share also together symbolically our Domain which represents the link which unites us in a kind of wine co-ownership.

By associating this notion of “co-owner” of the Domaine des Terres Cathares with the annual purchase of a certain number of bottles according to the selected offer, thus giving the right to the symbolic “ownership” of a vine of the domain. This ownership is limited in time and is linked to the renewal of annual purchases of bottles from the domain, thus justifying the right to a personalized medallion on the bottle with one’s name and the term “co-owner”.

The non-renewal of its annual endowment causes the de facto loss of the notion of “co-owner”, the symbolic “property” of the vine as well as the membership to the brotherhood.

Become Almost-Perfect!

In a nod to the history of the Cathars called “perfects” in the Middle Ages, each member takes the oath of “almost-perfect” and thus becomes part of the “Cathar Brotherhood of the Almost-Perfects” when he receives his parchment.

Our coat of arms.

With its banner values written in Occitan as a tribute to our history, that of our terroir, the better to immerse ourselves in it and pay homage to it. Values that represent those of our brotherhood and that we wanted to emphasize: friendship, sharing and loyalty.

These are the values that unite us and that we are proud and honoured to share with all our members.

Symbols of belonging to our brotherhood and our commitments.

The gift boxes

The Domaine des Terres Cathares offers you gift boxes and wooden cases, a noble material, personalized for 1,5L red or white magnum, with your name, the name of your company or for a particular event. Our entire range is modular (Jeroboam 3L, Methuselah 6L) and can be personalized to satisfy you in all circumstances. We are thus specialized in customizable corporate gifts.