The domain

on the terroirs of Maury, Corbières and Fitou

The beginnings

Taking advantage of a long family tradition of winegrowers, we took over a few hectares of vineyards in the Terroir of MAURY in the Pyrénées Orientales. We created the Domaine des Terres Cathares and the SAS Terres Cathares in charge of marketing the wines of the domain.

Our know-how

All the work from the vineyard to the vinification and bottling is done at the Maury cellar.  The winegrowers of Maury have pooled their strength since 1910 to optimize their terroir and their wines. The Domaine des Terres Cathares and its winemakers are the only ones to benefit from the cellar and the knowledge of the cooperative. The project, the passion, and the optimism of the men who run the estate have been unanimously approved. The grapes of the property are vinified and raised separately until their bottling. Lionel, our cellar master, a true master of the exceptional quality of our wines, is in charge of refining our new productions every year, in which we actively participate with the members of the Club.

The evolution

Our range of wines develops over time with new grape varieties from our Corbières and Fitou terroirs of the family estate.

Our desire

To develop our quality grape varieties in the purest tradition of the Terres Cathares

Coat of arms of the town of Maury

Our grape varieties

The grape varieties that we cultivate on our terroirs of Maury, Corbières and Fitou and that are used in the composition of our wines are Grenache noir, Carignan noir, Syrah and Grenache gris. All these grape varieties are particularly well adapted to our Mediterranean climate and the schistose soils of our Cathar lands.

Grenache Noir

Present in our Rebel and Diabolique vintages, it is a greedy, round and unctuous grape variety. Fine and elegant with notes of red fruits, prunes, cherries,…

Black Carignan

It is used in the composition of our Rebel wine. Powerful and structured with notes of red fruits, spices and scents of garrigue.


A very aromatic grape variety. Rich and complex, it goes from red fruit to licorice with violet and truffle accents. It is used in the composition of our Rebel wine.

Grenache gris

A vigorous grape variety, the main ingredient of our L’Indécent wine, it reveals sharp and powerful aromas with an exceptional minerality. Ideal as an aperitif.