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The Domaine des Terres Cathares

The DOMAINE des TERRES CATHARES, can call out and question by its evocative name and imprint of mystery between legend, myth or reality.

The Cathar spirit

Beyond the Cathar name and its religion there is a whole spirit: the Cathar spirit.

True Christians simply dissidents who wanted to practice another religion, different, closer to the Gospels but treated for more than two centuries as heretics by the Catholic Church of Rome and its pope.

Simple men however, in search of absolute and ideal who wanted to live in peace in a purer faith in a more enlightened world and who rejected the mercantilism of the powerful.

They fought until the end for centuries. Until the last, without ever denying their convictions.

For their faith and their freedom of thought, until their complete extermination by the Roman church through weapons in combat but also by killing entire populations of women and children burned in huge pyres, real mass graves.

A real genocide in the Middle Ages.

The Cathar Symbolism

They represent for us a whole symbolism of freedom and insubordination to remain faithful to their ideas, their values and their ideals without ever denying them.

With them it is all our history, that of our Occitania of which we are the descendants and like a return to our roots.

Just like other peoples sharing these same values and defending them like the Americans or the Canadians, our Quebec cousins who also fought for their ideas, their convictions, their freedom and their independence. 

We are proud to pay tribute to them through the name of our domain.

800 years later the Cathar spirit is still there and we will perpetuate it with you.

Our Domain

In the heart of the Cathar country, it is located on an exceptional terroir, that of MAURY en ROUSSILLON.

Our vines, in the Black Schist subsoil, give wines of an exceptional minerality.

They are dominated by the fortress CATHARE de QUERIBUS, swept by powerful winds and benefit from a maximum sunshine.

Our geological particularity, this arid and dry climate associated with grape varieties such as the GRENACHE (black, grey or white), an exceptional grape variety and also our favorite grape variety, produce rich and powerful red wines with a remarkable fruity taste with black fruit notes and Garrigue perfumes, as well as white wines with a unique freshness and minerality revealing aromatic compounds of a great richness. Their perfect balance ensures a very good aging.

Other grape varieties such as CARIGNAN, SYRAH or MUSCAT contribute in our blends to the originality and the incomparable quality of our wines whether they are dry or sweet red, white or rosé.

Come with us to discover, taste and appreciate them.