Our History

Domaine des Terres Cathares wines are also a tribute to the Cathars

XIIe Siècle
Birth of a religious dissidence in Languedoc: Catharism
Pope Innocent III launches a crusade against the Cathars

In response to their refusal to conform to Catholic orthodoxy. This crusade became known as the Albigensian Crusade.

Cathar castles in Occitania

Many castles became hotbeds of Cathar resistance. Aguilar, Peyrepertuse, Queribus, Montségur...

On March 16, the Cathars are defeated at the battle of Montségur

 The stele in memory of the Cathars erected in 1960 : homage to the Cathars who had found refuge in the castle of Montsegur and who were exterminated by hundreds on a pyre on March 15, 1244.

Death of Guilhem BELIBASTE, last Cathar

Burned alive at Villerouge-Thermenès in the Aude department.

Tribute to the Cathar Knights

These sculptures of more than 13 meters high, at the edge of the highway A 61, are signed by the artist Jacques Tissinier, they represent the Cathar knights. The singer Francis Cabrel paid tribute to them in a song : Les Chevaliers Cathares

Creation of the Domaine des Terres Cathares

Creation of the Domaine des Terres Cathares and purchase of the first hectares of vines in the Maury area at the foot of the castle of Queribus.

Creation of the Club du Domaine des Terres Cathares - Concept of wine co-owner

The Club of Domaine des Terres Cathares allows to federate around the vineyard and our regional soils the lovers of the wine and the regional cooking in a spirit of sharing

Acquisition of vineyards in the Corbières region

As part of the development of our wines, we have taken a stake in a family estate in the Corbières region, a few kilometers from Maury, not far from the Cathar castle of Aguilar, located in Tuchan in the commune of Mont Tauch

Project of renovation of the cellar of Maury

Within the framework of the development of the Domaine des Terres Cathares, we plan to renovate the cellar of Maury and a tasting room